As an Adelaide Hills based company, we offer many rural electrical services.

Rural services we provide

  • Generator Installation for Homes or Businesses
  • Grading Lines
  • Bore Pump Control
  • Frost Mitigation Equipment Installation
  • Fertigation and Watering Control
  • Pump Start Control Box Refurbishment
  • Cool Rooms
  • Water and Forced Cooling Systems

Torrens Valley Orchards

Torrens Valley Orchards had a new warehouse constructed with grader lines & cool rooms to house produce. Power was installed throughout the warehouse, grader lines & other equipment where needed. Lighting was also provided to suit.

Torrens Valley Orchards


Generator Installations

If your looking to get a generator for your house & your not sure the best fit for your situation. We can run you through what is available & what we can do for you wheather it be an automatic system or manual changeover we can work with you to achieve the best result.

Generator Houses